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La Maison Forte

8 July 2005  

Chats des Forêts Norvégiennes

Norwegian Forest Cats

Snow Cat, EC Naima's U-Fenja, NFO white, photo: Paula©
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Clever, affectionate Forest Cat kittens, raised in the family. FIFé pedigrees of the highest nordic origins. Our kittens are vaccinated twice, including for FeLV, before joining their new families.

Contact us for a rendezvous if you would like to visit.

Jenny Lind de la Maison Forte, 5 weeks old, photo: Paula©
EC Astrid Lindgren Felis Audax & son, photo: Paula©

Chatons adorables, calins, intelligents, élevés dans la famille. Pedigrees FIFé des plus hautes origines nordiques. Vaccins, y compris FeLV.

Visite sur rendez-vous.

Paula & Lee Swepston
1, route de Prévessin
F-01210 Ferney-Voltaire, France
tel: +33/ 4. 50 40 44 57  or  +41/ 76. 34 25 618
        à 5 minutes de l'aeroport de Genève
        5 minutes from Geneva airport


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